On what it sounds like when doves cry

Prince is gone, and I am crying.

Every so often, I would put on some of his songs and immediately be transported to a world where gender was irrelevant, feelings were real, sex was an emotion and music was the only thing that mattered.

I remember my Dad playing purple rain. I was a little kid, I didn’t understand what it meant, what even the words were….. but it was transcendent.  The weight of the sound was unbearable and yet you could float on it. It carried you.  It carried me. I never meant to cause you any pain….. Only wanted one time to see you laughing……

I associate Kiss with this other kind of intensity.. the beginning of sexual awakening, a journey into being the kind of person who can enjoy and engage in sexuality for the joy of it, the love of it.


how I felt when I danced to that song was like the sexiest hottest thing that ever existed…. even if I was in my dressing gown in my living room with a hairbrush. And when I met the person who made looked at me like that, I went home and played this song again.

In the end, though…. Prince wrote his own eulogy,

U’re so good
Baby there ain’t nobody better (Ain’t nobody better)
So u should
Never, ever go by the letter (Never ever)
U’re so cool (Cool)
Everything u do is success
Make the rules (Rules)
Then break them all cuz u are the best

And his own mourners lament

How can you just leave me standing, Alone in a world that’s so cold?

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.



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