On turning forty.

dogSo, I turned forty today. Which is a milestone birthday in most peoples worlds, and one of those occasions we are supposed to face with the kind of dread usually reserved for when we see dementors headed our way in the wizarding world.


But honestly… I am fine with it.  I haven’t really engaged in any of the self flagellation that I engaged in at the turn of thirty.  I feel like this decade has been well spent, over all, with a few minor dalliances into “what the fuck were you thinking” land. I have gone from this: me too

To this:


Which means I at least have learned how to be upright, which is about as much as one can hope for.

I don’t have any pithy life lessons to share, because lets be honest, I am not that cool, but I did spend a calm and drama free day, get contacted by a bunch of awesome people and get a new hair cut.  So, that is win, right?


But, there was much concern today from various people, that I get cake. I have to point out that this is essentially a wasted wish on my birthday, because nothing will ever live up to this one from when I was five.


So, I thank those of you who sent love, or set your facebook to post automatically on peoples birthdays, or thought kindly of me…. And I leave you with this:

Ive been doing all those things for decades, Bro.

I’ve been doing all those things for decades, Bro.



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